To ensure no data are lost, the best thing is to do nothing. If the hard disk is making funny noises or sometimes does not work, then connection via IDE-USB adapter CANNOT help, a new mains adapter CANNOT help, and data retrieval software CANNOT help.

Solving difficult cases requires know-how, experience, and special equipment.

Free data retrieval software can only help in simple cases, such as when you yourself delete a photo folder on your memory card. If a hard disk is broken, then data retrieval software can cause even greater damage.

Important: never save retrieved data on original data storage media.

For all more recent hard disks, changing the circuit board will only rarely help. This is because there are so many parameters that can differ even in an identically produced hard disk.

The circuit board contains individual information that is relevant only to the hard disk in question. Careful: working circuit boards can be destroyed by dismantling.

MAX POSSIBLE is specialised in retrieving data from broken hard disks. Data retrieval from single hard disks or RAID systems has been our daily business for many years.

Not every computer expert, computer shop or IT administrator knows enough about hard disks or has the expertise and equipment.

Don’t believe everything you read in the Internet. The story about the fridge and other nonsense can be found on webpages and forums. Serious hard disk crashes cannot be cured this way.

Yes, many years ago there might have been a hard disk or two that benefited from being put in the fridge. But today that does NOT help.

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